Weaves and Wigs

Weaves and Wigs

Full head weave

Weaves are a great protective style for natural hair.

Our closure installations are extremely flat and natural. We don’t use glue and secure the closure with only thread so the installation lasts for up to 2 months.

Partial leave out sew in weave

This is a more natural option where we braid most of the hair and leave out the top and sides to cover the extension. This installation is undetectable adding natural length and volume.

Wig installation

We cornrow the hair very flat for this protective style so the wig can look very natural. The the frontal (can be bleached for $10 additional ) is secured with several layers of adhesive to lay down the lace, in addition to sewing down the wig to make sure it is secure. Wigs are styled with baby hairs and straightened. The part and edges are finally plucked.