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What is the best method of Hair Extensions: 

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What is the best method of Hair Extensions: 


Hair extensions have become the most requested salon service worldwide. Extensions are the permanent installation of human hair which can be glued or sewn into the hair rather than temporarily clipped onto natural hair. They are the most transformative beauty service which enhances your natural hair with volume and length to get the hair of your dreams. 

Why do you need extensions?

There are many different methods of extensions and they can be fully customizable and each client has different needs. Hair extensions can be installed for many reasons to thicken thin hair, additional length that you cannot usually grow, to fix a botched hair cut or just to change up your look. Extensions can also change your texture and color without damage. Those with thin hair can get the volume they could never get naturally. So why not give your hair a new look with the best hair extensions in town! With these hair extensions, you’ll get longer and fuller hair in minutes. 

Which method of extensions is the best

At Radiance Salon we do all methods of hair extensions (clip-in, tape-in, micro link/cold & hot fusion,weft, sew-in extensions) and have been doing extensions for over 10 years now.  We offer all methods but the best method that keeps clients coming back and actually helps their hair grow and remain healthy is the WEFT EXTENSIONS. 

Other methods of extensions have pros and cons and are not recommended.

Single strand extensions

 The microbeads and fusion that use glue and individual beads can cause breakage. Some stands will Like any method that requires glue will cause breakage. Some strands will be loosing during removal. Individual extensions like microbeads and fusion can often fall out during wear while weft extensions are secure and not come off until removed. Weft extensions provide more even volume while individual methods as they fall out will begin to look stringy on the ends.

Tape in extensions

Tape ins are another popular method of hair extensions because they are very flat and easy to install. Because of the use of adhesive it may pull out some stands when removed which over time will actually thin out the hair. The tapes also tend to stick up once they grow out and no longer lay flat making them visible.

The weft extensions actually don’t have this problem because the hair grows down with the extensions and remains hidden even when they grow out. There is no use of glue with the sew in weft extensions so there is no damage with them pulling out. Also the wefts we use, either the hand tied or thin weft are VERY thin and are not bulky on the hair allowing them to be seamless and natural looking.

Which method of extensions is easiest to remove?

Removal is another important factor to consider with extensions. Methods such as tape ins and fusion can be difficult to remove because of the use of glue and will remove some of your natural hair strands when done. The process of removal also takes a long time as stylists have to carefully try and avoid damage. 

The weft extensions are the easiest and healthiest to remove and when done right there is no damage. To take out a full head of sew in extensions takes 5-10 minutes because all the stylist has to do is cut the tread and undo the braid or remove the beads. After removing the extensions there may be some shedding from the hair that was unable to fall off while it grew over a 2 month period but no breakage occurs due to the extensions.

Weft extensions

The weft extensions are a fan favourite and keeps clients returning as they see their natural hair growing under the extensions reaching lengths never before possible. 

There are many ways to install weft extensions, At Radiance our clients prefer the braided or braidless methods which first create a foundation using their real hair with either a braid or using beads. Then the weft is sewn onto this foundation with thread for double security which allows this to be very secure. It also prevents breakage because the tension is evenly distributed throughout their hair than on one spot as with individual extension.

The weft extensions also last longer than any individual method of installation because the weft is very durable. Methods like fusion are not easily reusable so extensions become very expensive as you need to regularly buy new hair. At Radiance our braids such as Chloe Collection last for 1-2 years so the price to maintain extensions becomes affordable since the hair lasts for so long and can easily be reused.

Best Hair Loss Products

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How to identify best hair loss products?
Our society is coming bald; you can find a bald person in every nook and corner of your locality. You don’t need to search, if you are the one. Hair loss is a deficiency that can make any person bald. Earlier, it was the men, now it is affecting the women also in equal proportion. Sometime children also suffer with hair loss. In fact, hair loss is a natural phenomenon and also happens as biological clock ticks but if this clock ticks frequently, then it is called a deficiency, the baldness. This might happen because of improper nutrition, low hygiene, various environmental circumstances etc.

One’s loss is others gain; the saying goes well in case of baldness too.

A number of products are available in the market to prevent hair loss and that too with 100% guarantee. But if that is the case, then today it would be difficult to find such a man / women in the area you live, because these hair loss products are existing in the market since decades and public is buying and trying the different products to stay much hairy. The person who has hair on head and makes their head shaved is another side of the story. The hair loss products claim them as medically proven and people are trying these products with no success at all. I’m sure if you are the one then you definitely have tried some of these products. Since you have tried the product, so do you have any idea about hair loss products? You will definitely say No. This is because one product, which may be good for one person, may be a dump for other and vice-versa.

In most of the hair loss cases it has been found that the hair loss products recommended by a physician gave better results. That’s why, hair loss today is not merely the baldness but a type of sickness which need to be checked, diagnosed and treated by an expert physician rather than going for trial and error method, using sometime one hair loss product, then next, and then so on, which may be of no result. So if you are suffering with hair problems, you need to identify your hair loss problems and see your physician, and get the problem solved.

Clinical diagnosis of hair loss patients suggests that in most of the cases, the reason of hair loss was improper diet, a deficiency of different vitamins and minerals in the body, stress, side effects of medications for any particular sickness, irregular sleep, etc. So, it is obvious that if you are suffering from hair loss or some one around you and you want to help the person, then try to identify the problem of hair loss and take good medical help of experts rather than trying products available in the store shelves.

Sometime a person suffering with hair loss may opt for herbal hair loss products, because it is believed that herbal remedies causes no or minimal side effects. If you are the one, and thinking to buy some herbal hair loss product then make sure that the product you are going to try will restore dead hair follicles and support hair growth. But at the same time remember that these herbal remedies may cause side effects, so it is best favorable to you to go for your doctors’ advice before trying any herbal hair loss product as well.

Women: Be cautious; if you are suffering with hair problems, then never use any hair loss product without getting an expert advice. Some of the hair loss products may cause growth of hair all over the body and definitely you don’t want hair on your upper lips.

There it is best advisable for both the sexes to take precaution, and try only products recommended by a qualified doctor. You also need to understand the causes of hair loss, so that you can help yourself and others to minimize the chances of hair loss / baldness or prevent it.

The following things, you need to understand to prevent your hair problems:

1.The ways to either prevent or stop hair loss and the knowledge of restoring hair growth.

2.The ways to achieve lifespan of hair cells and promoting follicles growth.

3.Several internal and external factors also affects your hair health and promote the things like thinning hairs etc, knowing these factors and also having the knowledge of hair and scalp rejuvenation.

4.Some cosmetic products also may harm your hair, so if you have opted for some new product and you are feeling some problems, switch it over, immediately. Go for your old brand. After all ‘old is gold’.

5.Know your diet and life style, which will suit your hair too.

6.Know the methods of improving hair longevity.

7.Hair loss in some cases is genetic, knowing the fact and knowledge of how to minimize it will help a lot.

8.Hair loss is equally common amongst women, so women should also know the causes and cure of it.

9.Stress, high blood pressure and heart disease also leads to hair loss, knowing the fact and trying to distress, etc. may be of great help.


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Using Human Hair clip-ins for hair extensions is a more affordable alternative from wefts. Once you cut off the clips you are left with wefts that can be sewn into the hair using either the braided or braidless extenisons. In this video we actually used both methods because I wanted the client to try the braidless method. We used the bohyme balayage clip-ins in 22″ mixed with some other hair she had brought.