Tape-In Hair Extensions Admin July 1, 2023
Tape-In Hair Extensions

Experience the Ultimate Transformation

Radiance Salon is proud to offer the highest quality tape-in hair extensions, using 100% human hair for a flawless and natural look. With our wide selection of extension brands, we ensure that we can find the perfect match for your hair colour, texture, and desired style.

Tape-In Hair Extensions
Our Application Process:

At Radiance Salon, our skilled stylists employ a precise and meticulous technique to apply tape-in extensions. They will carefully section your hair and attach the extensions using a medical-grade adhesive tape. Each extension panel consists of two hair wefts sandwiched together,providing a secure attachment near the roots while maintaining a seamless and undetectable result.

Blending and Styling:

Once all the tape-in extensions are in place, our stylists will work their magic to blend them seamlessly with your natural hair. Through careful trimming and shaping, we ensure that your extensions harmoniously integrate with your own locks, creating a beautiful and cohesive look that enhances your unique style.

Maintenance and Removal:

With proper care, tape-in extensions typically last between 4 to 8 weeks before requiring maintenance. During this period, you can enjoy the freedom to style your extensions as desired, knowing that they are securely attached. When it’s time for removal or adjustment, we recommend scheduling a maintenance appointment with one of our skilled stylists. They will use a special solution that dissolves the adhesive, allowing for a gentle and damage-free removal process.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Transform Your Hair Today:

Radiance Salon’s tape-in hair extension service is designed to provide you with a complete hair transformation, adding length, volume, and versatility to your locks. Book your appointment today and let our experienced stylists help you achieve the hair of your dreams. Experience the confidence and radiance that come with beautiful tape-in extensions, tailored to enhance your unique beauty.