Luxe hand tied silky straight
BLHST •  Luxe Hand-Tied
The Hand-Tied Silky Straight is a timeless classic in the Bohyme® Luxe Collection.  Stylists can easily style and maintain this look for their clients.  The Silky Straight offers a versatile style that can help create endless amounts of exquisite looks.  The Hand-Tied Silky Straight has an intricate and durable weft, which helps to create a less invasive and more natural look.
Weight: 110-114 grams (4oz)
Width: 10”-12” Per Bundle, Depending on Length
Life Span: Up to 9 Months on Average
Reapplication: 2-3 Months Recommended
Available colors
1, 1b, 2, 4, bl22, 18/bl22, 14/bl22

Call us to pre order colors not available


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