We specialize in dreadlocks and can neatly begin or tighten locs to help them grow long and healthy. All textures can be dreaded with various methods like comb twisting and interlocking.

Human hair extensions may be added for length and hair can also be coloured and bleached.

At Radiance we can install new dreadlocks and maintain locs by re-twisting and re-locking hair for health

Dreadlock tightening maintenance

Clean up your dreadlocks with regular maintenance. Either interlock the locs or comb twist and style the hair to secure the regrowth. We prefer interlock as it is more secure and works on most hair textures.

New dreadlock installation

  • Comb twist method with curly hair
  • Backcomb straight hair with or without wax
  • Use human hair extensions to add length to short hair
  • Twists can also be used to start dreadlocks

Dreadlock rescue 

For neglected hair we can wash and do a ACV (Apple cider vinegar) rinse on locs to remove buildup. Then re-tighten new growth into neat locs as well as repair any broken dreads with human hair extensions to clean up the hair to look professional.

Instant dreadlocks


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Note: Price of services vary from client to client, as people have different hair types, textures, and lengths. We recommend a consultation if you have no knowledge of extensions. Hair is not included in cost!! Please give 24h notice before your appointment to cancel.