Are you looking for hair extensions in Calgary? Look no further than Radiance Salon! Our skilled stylists are experts in installing high-quality hair extensions, and we offer a range of options to choose from.


At Radiance Salon, we’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. We recommend our brand of hair extensions called Chloe Collection, which is the BEST quality hair you can find which remains silky and beautiful for years. You can also bring in your own hair as well.

One of the most common questions we get asked is how long an installation takes. The answer is that it depends on the number of rows of hair extensions you want to have installed. On average, an installation takes about 20 minutes per row. This includes removing the previous installation, taking out the old beads, installing new beads, and sewing the weft onto the beads to keep them secure.

Another important consideration is the cost of hair extensions. The first appointment is usually the most expensive, as it involves purchasing the hair as well as having it installed. To get an idea of how much the hair will cost, we recommend checking out our online store. Here you can view a range of different hair options, and you can use the online calculator to approximate the cost of the hair according to your desired length and color.

Once the hair has been purchased, it should last for up to two years, depending on the quality of the hair. After that, you will only need to pay for the installation cost, which ranges depending on the number of rows installed.

But we’re not just a hair extension salon – we also offer a range of other services, including hair color and cutting. So whether you’re looking to go blonde, add some highlights, or simply freshen up your current style, our team has you covered.

So why wait? If you’re ready to transform your hair with stunning extensions, contact us today to schedule an appointment. And don’t forget to ask about our other services, including hair color and cutting – we’re happy to help you achieve the complete look you desire.